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What inspire us to do it

Like many of you, we are a family with young toddler. And of course as parents, we care in the health of our little one but also in the world they will grow up in. 

We love our little one and want them to be safe and reduce their exposure to toxic substances and nasty chemicals due to harmful health effects. And we believe that everyone should have the choice to give the softness and purest clothes to your babies and kids.

While one of our most immediate concerns is what this means for our kids and their health, the use of these chemicals is devastating to the environment and to the people forced to live and work in or around dirty cotton farms. And we love our planet too and we believe each of us is responsible for the health of our planet and protect the environment.

CoCokidoo was born from our desire of making a difference. We did start to look forethically traded organic cotton garments with modern fresh designs and great colours in a broad for our little one and we found great local organic brands from all around the world.

It is therefore no more than logic to share all of that with all Mom and Dad who have the same concerns about what their toddlers wear, that would like to promote eco-friendly textile product methods to reduce environmental impact and that do not have time to source and find the best organic baby and kids brands stores. 

Choosing organic cotton is important for Little One, the environment and the people who grow and pick the cotton. And that is the reason why CoCokidoo selection is as follows:

. Truly Organic

All our brands are leading organic labels. Most of them use GOTS certified organic cotton and are committed to ethical and fair trade practices

. Fair traded

We are proud of being partners with brands having high environmental and social standards by offering clean, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as dignity and respect for all workers.

. Love and Care

Most of our organic cotton clothes are GOTS certified. GOTS ensures sustainable and ethical manufacturing in all stages of production. You are not just buying organic – you are buying ethical  

With our love and Care for our baby and Kids, We at CoCoKidoo hope that we would help you to  get a beautiful, affordable and fair trade Organic Clothes for your little one.  We wish that you will like our Handpicked Top Organic Brands from around the world.  Available for you to shop at your fingers tips here in Singapore but with international delivery in Asia and all over the world as well.

Please join our CoCoKidoo Family as our Ambassador IG #cocokidooand tell the world that we love our children, we support eco-friendly and fair trade practices and respect people who are making this lovely organic clothes for our little one.




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